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Color Resource: Adobe Kuler

Kuler 2I love color. It’s possibly my favorite aspect of design, okay one of them. Adobe Kuler is an excellent resource site in coming up with great color combinations. There’s a few ways to go about using Kuler.

  1. By looking at the most popular color combinations at the moment
  2. Search keywords, ‘forest’, ‘spring’, or let’s say ‘Norway’. Even ‘Clown Birthday Party’
  3. Create your own combinations by choosing how many colors you want and in which way: complementary, monochromatic, triad, etc. This is great if you have one color you need to use, such as a logo you need to find colors to go along with. You can put in your color code and everything.

Adobe Kuler

In addition to the online resource, Adobe Kuler also has an app! Free at the App Store. It’s pretty wonderful. I walked around with it for a good twenty minutes pointing it at things when I first got the app.

There’s one project in particular where I know this app would have come in handy. Instead, I took a photo of the feeling I wanted the design to be and used the eyedropper tool in Illustrator to pick colors. But this is just so much more fun! And truthfully comes up with better color combinations, using more than just your eye.


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