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Creative HotlistFreelance work can be extremely valuable to a young design student, or anyone really. It allows you to work with clients and build your portfolio. I have learned a LOT from the freelance jobs I have found.

(I’ll tell you how to find assignments soon)

I have made mistakes. Ones that I will never forget and never ever do again.

Lesson one. No matter how well you know the client, no matter how nice they seem, make a contract. Under no exception, no matter if they are great friends of the family, get a contract. I still don’t know what will happen when I see him, shake hands, smile, and ask, “So where’s my money?” But it’s not even the money that I never received that was the main lesson learned.

Lesson two. Some personality types just aren’t meant to work together.  I have learned how important it is for me to wait an hour before responding to an email from some clients. That criticism from some people just isn’t as easy to take as from others. Thanks to freelance work, I have gained valuable lessons that will be important in my career from here on out.

I have chosen to not put freelance work onto my resume (though it can add to your resume if it’s looking empty). Instead, I use some clients as references and connect with them on Linkedin. Work done on side jobs such as these have proven valuable in providing up-to-date portfolio work and establishing connections.

There are many creative sites that list freelance jobs. I have found one site in particular that has proven itself effective in finding freelance work:


Good luck! Send me your freelance work to be put on the site


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